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Success Stories

Aleks Carey

I came to plan b fitness in October 2010 after being talked into trying boot camp by my older sister Anita. I started bootcamp with the mindset that I would try it for a month or so to build my fitness up again and hopefully shed some weight.

Little did I know what I was getting myself in for! I had really let my fitness go after I left high school and started full-time work in an office job. Gradually I put on weight from bad eating and drinking habits and really had got myself into a bit of a rutt. My sister Anita had been to boot camp in the past and managed to lose lots of weight so I thought it was worth giving it a go.

I woke up for my first plan b fitness boot camp session and it was dark, windy and raining. I remember thinking the session would have to be cancelled because you'd have to be crazy running around in this weather. But, this was not the case after my sister told me that it was never cancelled and I turned up to boot camp feeling a bit anxious.

Halfway through the session I had to sit out because I felt dizzy and out of breath and it dawned on me how bad my fitness was. Fortunately Bec, Jase and the others at plan b boot camp were very encouraging and I got back up and finished the session. They probably didn't expect me back but being very competitive with Anita I couldn't let her win and thought if she could do it then so could I.

After a tough month at boot camp I decided to continue on for another month. I had noticed such a huge change in my fitness levels in such a short space of time and wanted to keep improving.

Even though I secretly dreaded what kind of hell Bec would be putting us through each session when I'd make it through to the end the sense of achievement felt amazing and left me feeling energized and ready to start my day. Along with the exercise I had also changed my eating and drinking habits for the better and the weight I'd put on was coming off.

By January 2011 after 3 months of boot camp I'd lost 7kg and was feeling great. Bec had mentioned the Victor Harbor Triathlon coming up in March and I was considering doing the 10km run. I was worried because I had never run this far before but Bec had the confidence in my fitness and encouraged me to have a go.

I was feeling anxious about the run by the time March came around but when I finished the run in under an hour I realized I had been silly to get so nervous and felt so proud of what I had achieved. I was so inspired watching the people completing 2 or all 3 legs of the triathlon and thought I'd love to be able to do that one day. Jokingly I mentioned it to Bec and she suggested I make it a goal to work towards for the following year. I still thought the idea was crazy but kept it in mind.

Following running in the triathlon I continued on at boot camp. Bec never let it get any easier as my fitness improved and would always manage to find ways to make things more of a challenge. This is one of the things I love about boot camp and why I've kept going back month after month as I never quite know what to expect.

Soon I went from running 10km to 15km in the Hills to Henley SARRC fun run in July with a few other plan b fitness clients, Kelly and Amber and plan b fitness trainer Denise. I finished the run with no dramas and surprisingly felt like I could have kept going. The other girls were so great to run with and we all kept one another going.

The next SARRC fun run was the half-marathon in August. I figured I would join the girls again and aim to run the 21km. I trained hard at boot camp and went for some longer runs in preparation and ended up completing the run in just over 2 hours with some help from Denise egging me on to sprint to the finish. I couldn't believe I had run a half-marathon after barely being able to run 200m around a park just nine months earlier.

I kept going back to boot camp, losing another 5kgs along the way and was down to my goal weight. I started to think that maybe I could give the triathlon a go in March, however I could not fully commit until I knew my work movements for the following year and wouldn't know this until December.

I bought myself a road bike in December and started swimming again after not swimming properly since I was a kid. When I knew for certain I could commit to the triathlon I spoke to Bec about what I wanted to do and she was very encouraging as always and gave me advice on what sort of training I should be doing in preparation for the event.

Leading up to the triathlon I had the support of everyone at plan b fitness and lucky enough to have a few training partners to train with. To help with my swimming I started swimming on Sunday mornings with the plan b fitness swim squad and received some great coaching from Bec which really helped to improve my technique. Kelly Biggins, who was also doing the full triathlon for her first time, accompanied me on many long hard training sessions and was such a great motivation for me.

By the time the triathlon arrived, although I was nervous I felt like I was well prepared and couldn't wait to get started. Plan b fitness had such a big turn out this year at the Victor Triathlon the encouragement and cheers I received while I was on the course from both the support crew and the others also participating really kept me going.

When I was on my last leg of the triathlon I managed to catch up with my sister who was running the 10km for a team. It was so special to run with her and cross the finish line with her close by. It was such an amazing feeling to know that I'd completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It's fair to say that since I came to Bec my life has completely changed and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve lost 14kgs and managing to maintain it with the healthy active lifestyle I'm now living.

Instead of wishing I could do something I'm now out there doing it and being a part of plan b fitness has taught me to not be afraid of challenging myself. Not only have I met such a great bunch of people through plan b but I’m now closer than ever with my sister- It’s lucky she dragged me along to boot camp with her in the first place or I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I’m not sure what’s in store next but I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve.
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