Success Stories

Michelle McCranor

I began personal training sessions with Bec in May 2005. I was 34 and needed to lose weight and get fit when ceasing sport after having children. I achieved this goal within the first year and was happy to maintain this through PT sessions.

Bec had other ideas and eventually in Sept 2008 persuaded me to get out of bed at 5.30am and try boot camp. She said “Chell you will love it”. I thought, sure, I will give it a go, but I’ll be back in the gym soon.Well I was addicted and for the next 16 months I did boot camp rain, hail or shine. I thrived on the challenges and encouragement that the team environment provided, I became fitter both physically and mentally than I had ever been and gained confidence in myself. This confidence enabled me to try things I would otherwise have ignored including after six months of boot camp running 10km in the Victor Harbor triathlon within an hour. My stress levels reduced which my family were ecstatic about and I incredibly lost another 5kgs without that being my goal. I also started to exercise on holiday which in the past I had not been interested in.

In 2009 Bec sent a flyer out for the inaugural plan b kayaking trip around the Whitsundays. I had a fear of the sea but my new-found confidence had me signing my husband and I up without a second thought. This was a tough trip mainly due to the windy weather but I loved it and overcame some huge challenges along the way with the help of a fantastic group of people. When I returned to boot camp my physical and mental fitness had increased even more as a result of this eight day trip.

Due to life stresses I hit a blue patch in early 2009 and the thought of turning 40 also loomed. I hibernated for a month. I started back with PT sessions outdoors which saw me doing a lot of running and stair climbing, gradually my mental fitness returned and knowing I love a goal Bec gave me the next one. The Anaconda Adventure race in Dec 2010, where I was to run a 15km trail run through the hills of Lorne as part of a team, (I’d never run further than 10km and that was on a flat road). Again without thinking I signed up immediately because Bec had faith in me to ask. I soon learned that my team was Bec and I (she doing the other three legs!) I was nervous as I didn’t want to let her down. I trained harder than I ever thought I could and ran more km’s than I ever imagined I would through hills and dirt tracks getting prepared. My goal was to finish the race and make Bec proud of me as her client, which I achieved in 2hours 8mins, looking a little dishevelled.

At 40 this has been my biggest fitness achievement to date and who would have thought I would be fitter than I was at 20!! I was on a high and was looking forward to smashing my old 10km Victor Harbor time and return to Lorne to break 2 hours.

However a nasty fall a week before Xmas saw me unable to move. I had torn a disc in my lower back and was advised by the Doctor I would not be running for 3 to 6 months. This was mentally a very tough time for me especially after being on such a high from Lorne. I felt like all the hard work I had put in was a waste and I would never be fit again. After a month of rest Bec mentioned about getting in the pool for rehabilitation, nervously (not being a swimmer) as always I agreed. I found this very challenging especially as I became stronger and Bec expected me to actually swim, let’s say I swallowed a lot of water over the next couple of months but I slowly built up to being able to swim 40 laps continuous.

My confidence picked up and I added a light gym session which I eventually built up to running albeit very slowly in the 7.5km Mothers Day Classic. In June I started back at boot camp and can now do almost everything I was doing previously, I have committed to running the Anaconda race in December again which I never thought possible this year and with the encouragement and support of the plan b team I’m sure there will be many more goals for me to achieve in the future.

Bec and her trainers are passionate about individuals achieving their best and enjoying it along the way, they encourage goals to be set and provide a supportive environment to help you reach them. This has enabled me to pick myself up from my lows and achieve things I would not have without them. My family cannot say enough great things about plan b fitness and what they have done for us. Even our nine year old son attends plan b kids boot camps and cannot wait until he is old enough to join in with us. This can only be a positive thing!!












I’m turning 42 this year and am the fittest I have ever been and have muscles in places I never had.  I have achieved many goals since injuring my back 18 months ago and all with the help of Bec and Plan b Fitness. I smashed my Anaconda 15km run time in Lorne by 16 mins in Dec and set a goal to run the Sea to Summit in June 2012 (although took a while to tell anyone).




Bec created me a weekly plan to help me achieve this which included gym sessions, b outdoors sessions, swimming (something I had never done), interval training and building up my weekly run. I had not only the support of Plan b trainers but other Plan b clients. I stuck to Bec’s plan and have reaped the rewards of hard work both mentally and physically.




Mini goals I achieved along the way included running the 10km Victor Triathlon course in March in 52 mins - an improvement of 8 mins pre back injury, completing a 20km weekly training run in 1hr 50min (the furthest I’d ever ran at that stage), the 26km Pioneer Women’s Run from Hahndorf to Beaumont in 2hrs 41min, and improved my 50m freestyle time by almost 10 secs.




I lined up on the beach at Kingston Park on June 10th 2012 fighting off a cold and nervous but excited.  4hrs and 22mins later I ran across the line at Mount Lofty Summit with a huge smile. I had achieved my goal and in a fantastic time, an incredible feeling.




I could not have done this without Bec and Plan b Fitness. Bec gives so much of her time to clients to see them achieve their goals. She emails, smss and calls at all times of the day and night to make sure everything is going to plan. What sets Plan b Fitness apart from the rest is how she has created a family of loyal clients that support each other.  This was no more evident than the training partners I had and the many clients that followed me on my run to the Summit, making  this achievement all the more special because of it.




Bec guided me from not being able to walk 18 months ago to having a back that is so strong it can climb mountains and swim although with my own special style




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