Sporting/Corporate Groups

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Corporate Groups

The business world is fast realizing that a happy and healthy staff is vitally important to success and is increasingly using fitness to achieve it.

plan b fitness can help your organization, no matter how big or small, to keep fit and healthy.

Some of the benefits of a fit and healthy employee base through employers investing in their well-being include increased productivity, reducing the risk of sick days and stress, improved teamwork, reducing workplace injury and boosting staff morale.

It can also improve your corporate image and is a direct way to promote your business.

Sporting Teams

Likewise, sporting clubs are often utilising plan b fitness for special replique montre sessions like a pre-training boot camp and team building days.

We can tailor a session or day to suit your needs to give your team or club a change in their regular fitness routine, or push them to their limits to give the pre-season training a big boost.

If you would like to discuss a tailored program for your organization or club, or just to make some enquiries about how we can help, feel free to contact us for some ideas.