b outdoors

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plan b fitness "b outdoors" is a great way of achieving fast results while at the same time a lot of fun.
"b outdoors" is our version of boot camp - the high intensity of a traditional boot camp program but instead of yelling at you we support and encourage you.
The sessions are original and the results of our clients prove it works. Now in our eighth year, plan b outdoors is outdoor group training, that will kick-start your health and fitness or take your training to a new level.
"b outdoors" participants love the disciplined training while doing something different to traditional exercise.
b outdoors is tailored to suit everyone, whether you're just starting off or want to take your fitness up a notch.
Proven results of b outdoors include weight loss, increased strength, fitness and energy, decreased stress, gain confidence and much more.
It's great for individuals, couples, friends, family, workmates and sporting groups.
From strength conditioning and weight loss exercises, to team building challenges to get the heart pumping, you will continue to be amazed at what you can achieve at b outdoors.
Unlike many personal trainers who do a quick course, our staff are UNIVERSITY educated in the training disciplines, and are qualified to give you the professional guidance and knowledge you come for.
But not only that, we make your replica horloges goals our goals, to achieve your targets not only for the month but beyond.
b outdoors, at the beach at Somerton Park in South Australia, begins at 6am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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