Over the many years of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals I have found a really good motivator for people is to set an event goal. The events can range from a basic fun run right up to a multi-sport event like a triathlon, adventure race or ultra-marathon.

This weekend plan b will be taking 45 people to the Lorne Adventure Fest, with clients aiming to achieve their “2014 event goal.” For many this is a tough challenge that has not only demanded increases in fitness and strength but also for many learning new skills like ocean swimming, mountain biking and surf ski/kayak paddling.

The Lorne Adventure Fest is a 2 day event with the choice on the Saturday with the mini race 600m swim, 7km paddle, 7.7km trail run, 11km mountain bike, 700m run or on the Sunday the full race 2km ocean swim, 13km ocean paddle, 16km trail run, 26km mountain bike, 700m run.

Training for events takes a lot of sacrifice, determination and commitment. Ask any of this year’s team and they will tell you that regardless of the hard work required it has been completely worth it as the results both mentally and physically are priceless and in a lot of cases life changing.

Every individual goal is different and no achievement should be compared to the person next to you. It is about what YOU want to achieve and what YOU do to achieve it. It is about setting a goal for you and making sure it is you who commits to it, no one else is going to achieve it for you!

I am very much looking forward to seeing the plan b team put all their time and effort into achieving their goals on the weekend.

Every year we have a slogan for the team and this year it is “you’ll be right.” It is a great Aussie saying and a great attitude to adopt because you will always be right when you get out there and have a go!

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