plan b's Annual Adventure Team Ready To Go

More than two dozen plan b fitness clients will next weekend head to Victoria to contest the Lorne Adventure Race.

The annual race is a test of both fitness and mental strength, comprising a 1.9km ocean swim and 450m run, a 14km ocean paddle, a 15km hilly and rocky trail run and a brutally steep 19km mountain bike, followed by a 1.2km team run on the beach to the finish line.

plan b fitness will be represented by seven teams plus a couple of individuals in the main race, a team on the Saturday and a few kiddies for the Junior Survivor as well. In total around 40 will be part of the plan b crew heading over for the race.

plan b fitness takes a big contingent over every year and participants, usually beginning with one leg as part of a team, more often than not go back for more.

Why? Because the race is not only a test of fitness and mental strength but is a very inspirational weekend.

Some of the best triathletes and adventure racers in the world line up for the tough race and it's hugely motivating to be part of it.

Positioned nicely at the end of the year, the race is also a great target for clients to aim at to have their fitness at its peak for summer.

Whether training for the whole race or just one or two legs, it gives clients a perfect end of year goal and a great start to the summer swim/run/triathlon season ahead.

plan b fitness has been thrilled in the way in which our team have spurred on, inspired and supported each other over the last few months leading up to the race at the B Adventure and other session and we wish them all well.