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About Us

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My name is Bec Short and I am the founder and one of the personal trainers at plan b fitness.
I have been involved in sport, health and fitness all of my life.

My experiences and research has led me to develop a personal training concept and business that is the answer to your goals.

I believe exercise should be about a lifestyle change and an enjoyable experience along the way. It should be a change that is manageable to incorporate in your day to day lives, but will get you the results you desire.

Anyone can sign up to gyms, go on diets, read health and fitness books etc, but spend years getting nowhere. We've all tried it and for the majority of us that's just not enough.
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It takes a very driven person to just decide to lose weight or get fit and actually achieve it, without any guidance.

Having the determination, motivation and knowledge to achieve it on their own is very difficult.

But having someone there by your side to help you not only reach your goals but change your lifestyle is what plan b is all about and is what we do best.

At plan b we cater for absolutely everyone and I believe no goal is too hard to achieve.

Whether it's one on one training, small groups, outdoor groups, boot camps, our kayaking fitness or even our Whitsunday kayaking adventures and holidays, we have a type of exercise that you will be able to do and love.

At plan b fitness we also believe in having a go and you will constantly be surprised at what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Unlike most other PT's and gyms who use stock photos, every image on this website was taken by us participating in what we love doing and we hope you will too.
































































































































About our trainers

Bec Short